Hai, It’s Cherry. Call me Annie or Diaz.

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Hi. It’s Cherry and I realize I haven’t posted, or been on oW for like, ever. SO if anyone still comes here… hai ._. I want to start my blog up again. I do :3 It’s just that some thangs keep getting in my way -o-. I pwomise I’ll be a better blogger. My last post was over a year ago XD Wow. Uhm so yea. And school starts soon. In less than two weeks >.< So I’ll try and keep everyone updated until then as much as possible :3 Thank you for reading this and supporting mah blog. I appreciate it much :D! And if you have an Instagram, follow me. I’m gir_epic (because I love Gir and think he’s epic X3) and yes, my real name is Diaz Farrell. Just saying so you know if you found the right person or not.

Kbai :3


Ideas for Christmas outfits

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Because I’m done being bored with the holidays. Damn you January, COME FASTER, I FRIGGING WANT TO GO TO SCHOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!  LOL, but anyway, I was just making up a list of ideas of outfits you can wear for Christmas.

Winter angel

Wings- 35 gems

Whim party dress:  Level 90 73,600 coins/ 26 gems

Sawyer Hair: 16 gems

Buckle Thigh-Highs (Limited) Level 36 13,000 coins/101 gems WTF.

Leonore Ruffle Shoes (White)- 13 gems

Ignore Archibald.

Uniformish (It just reminds me of uniform group)

Classic Beret: Level 26 17,000 coins/33 gems

Sawyer Hair

Holiday Riche Dress (present, uncommon)

Basic Vinyl Thigh-highs- Level 11 4300 coins/28 gems

Ritzy vest: 15 gems

Any black-coloured pair of shoes

Sweet pink

Snow fluff hat- Level 20 13,400 coins/ 8 gems

Darcy hair: 26 gems

Ritzy vest

Snow fluff striped dress– Level 20 16,100 coins/16 gems

Basic Vinyl thigh-highs

Any pair of black-coloured shoes

Red and White

Jingle Jolly Dress- Level 10, 9000 coins/15 gems

Twinkle Sandal: Level 30 17,000 coins/12 gems

Giant bow: present

Rudolph nose: present

Sawyer hair

The stocking I’m holding costs 20 gems and can be bought from Zoe at the Boardwalk. You can collect  presents from Zoe, Azia (Pier), Doug Bot (pier), Veronica (SOHO) and Weatherby (Wonderland). Click on the present next to them- you’ll receive a rare/super rare gift from 2010/2009/2008!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Other Facts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You can get different colours of the same item. Which is infuriating.

You have to wait five minutes before you can claim another present. Which is also infuriating

You cannot get the exact same item twice- if you do, the person will say “Ooops, sorry, you already have it” and you have to wait five minutes to claim a present.  I got trolled by Douche Doug Bot four times in a row already. >< And that is extremely, firetrucking  infuriating  irritating

Each present sells for at least 10,ooo coins.

Here are the items you can get: (Credit to ourgemcodes.com: http://www.ourgemcodes.com/2011/11/27/ourworld-guide-christmas-treats/ )



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Sorry i haven’t been posting latley…or at least about updates e_e. Well, anyways, here’s an update

I am no longer a cat now. I am a Hobbit!! My new user is: Hobbit 8D and I have a 300% flow boost!! 5 20%, And the flow boosting cuffs, and le resedency boost. n_n!! Check out these pics!!

Picture number 1: I drew my character (No crown, horns. or colour intended) The first time i did it with pen cuz i couldnt find a pencil and i really wanted to draw… something o.x …So i drew it. I know the ears aren’t even attached to the head, IDK what happened there o_o

Picture Number 2: It was after i had finished the first Hobbit, so i took a pic of it right away. You can see it more upclose now(:

Picture Number 3: It’s Eri!! Eri Sawachika from the anime School Rumble!! It just kinda came to mind ;3!! So wuddya think of em? Please tell me !!

Goodnight!! 🙂

ourWorld Cherries #10

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Okay guys, I haven’t updated in MONTHS! So sorry. By the way, I’m gonna start posting outfits on here.

ourWorld Updates

  • April 27- New offer company: Matomy
  • May 1- New Monthly Items & Resident Item
  • May 2- ourWorld sent a message warning everyone about a Gambit fraud
  • May 3- New Blackbeard’s Box & Zen Box
  • May 10- New Newsletter
  • May 11- Grenades are now given out as the first crew prize
  • May 16- New Familiars & New Gifts
  • May 21- Mimi the Momonga
  • June 1- New Monthly Items & New Resident Item
  • June 1- New Summer Swimsuits
  • June 12- New Offer Company (SuperSonic)
  • June 13- downWorld Released
  • June 18- Gem Prices Increased
  • June 27- UFO Condo Box
  • July 1- New Monthly Items & New Resident Item
  • July 11- New Bento Boxes

Did you know that you can message, send your heart to and whisper to yourself?


This week’s question: Who is a forum moderator on the ourWorld forums? (Just name one of them).

Join the WitchMe Forums!

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Do you know what WitchMe is? If you don’t, then I’ll tell you what it is. WitchMe is a new virtual world where you can play games, go clothes shopping and use magic on others. Like Fantage, WitchMe uses eCoins as a premium currency, also there are a lot of Fantage users on WitchMe o_o

And if you DO know what WitchMe is, then join the forums! We’d love to have you.


Eri VS ourWorld

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How did i do? This little missy is Eri Sawachika from School Rumble x). Ignore teh booster cuffs and tail. Comment x3!!



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For now. I’m back on oW and got my house decorated, got 2 new familiars, and lots of clothes!! 😀

Ok by now you would’ve heard about Mimi the Momonga, which is like a flying squirrel. Have you spent/wasted 10 gems on the egg only to find out you got the worst colour? Here’s what Mimi looks like, in different colours: (From http://www.ourgemcodes.com/2011/05/21/new-critter-mimi-the-momonga/ )

OMG they posted it one month ago. o_O ^^

It’s easy to get the colour you want…it depends on the nests. Like if you want the black and purple one, get the egg and put it in the DARK NEST. Then wait 24 hours for it to hatch!

Black n Purple: Dark Nest

Black n Yellow: Electric Nest

Red n Orange: Fire Nest

Blue n White: Snow nest

Grey: Electric Nest (Thanks Maple! 🙂 )

Light Brown: Nature Nest.

It’s like that for every critter you grow. 😀 Mimi is available only until August 14, so GET HER QUICK!!

Btw, here’s how my new condo looks like:



PS: The stereo doesn’t have any music!!


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The prices of things (mainly gem hairs) on oW have gone UP UP UP!! For example, Paris Hair used to be 20 gems, then, for about a month, it was 17 gems, and now, it is 21 gems. I was even gonna buy it after i sold it xP. Aude Hair, used to be 11 gems, but now it’s 14. How absurd! o:!! Joyce Hair is 18 when it used to be 16 i think, and Kenzie Hair is 18 gems now!! That’s 2 more gems than before. Maybe they are going bankrupt… :/

downWorld came out! It’s in beta, but it’s still pretty awesome. You have to make a new account. It’s a complete diff game from ourWorld too. (I thought dW was just an addition to oW, but its not xP)

And I don’t think Clarrissa Hair is even in stores anymore!! :O How sad cuz that was one of my favourite hairs ;'(

The Surprising Truth Part 2 should come out next week, cuz im working on another video, and for a sneak peak kinda, i’ll at least tell you the name! “Ouran Host Club Knows How To Have F.U.N) hehe!! The vid should be out by Friday, i hope. And then maybe i will make another video after that before the Surprising Truth Part 2. IDK because SOMEBODY was being mean to me about making that video :/ But that won’t stop me! 😀

Bye :-* ~kisses


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A.K.A downWorld is out today xD


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Soo… gem codes are officially back now! Not even gem codes!! A big green button that looks like this kinda:

I really want it, but my IE completley freezes any time i try to get on, my mom wouldn’t let me get it on her laptop since its already slow enough, and the computer downstairs…. well…. once you turn it off, it takes about a year (over exaderating xDD) to turn back on. I use chrome, which you cant get toolbars with. This seems wayyy better than the other one. If you do four searches, you get one gem xD I probably am just gonna get mozerella and only use it for ow, mmmkay? And my summer vacation officially started June 8th 2011 10: 23 A.M EST xP So i will be on oW 2xs as much as before


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